Six Communication Mistakes To Avoid Regarding Your Propane Supply Company

24 October 2022
 Categories: Business, Blog


Keeping your property supplied with propane is essential if you have appliances that run on propane on your property. It's important to communicate properly with your propane supply company to keep a steady supply of propane at competitive prices. 

The following are six communication mistakes to avoid when you're working with your propane supply company. 

Failing to ask about available discounts

Available discounts are one of the most important things you need to communicate with your propane supply company about. There may be a few discounts available from your propane supplier. For example, you may be able to receive a discount on bulk or wholesale purchases from your propane supply company. 

Do your research on discounts so that you can minimize your fuel costs and save big on utilities for your property. 

Not signing up for a service contract

The best way to get propane for your property at low prices is to sign a contract and schedule regular deliveries. With a contract agreement, you don't need to remember to put separate orders in for propane delivery and can automatically enjoy propane deliveries to your property on a regular basis. 

Placing orders for propane at the last minute

Propane supply companies often require a good amount of lead time to fulfill fuel orders. That's why you should communicate with your propane supply company as soon as possible about your upcoming propane needs. This will minimize the chances that you will run out of fuel before your propane company can resupply you. 

Taking too much time to respond to messages from your propane supply company

If you get a call, letter, or email about service from your propane supply company, be sure to address it right away.

Your propane supply may be cut off if you miss an invoice and have an outstanding debt to your propane supply company. Your propane supply company also may be trying to notify you of price changes or fuel shortages. That's why you need to respond to any correspondence as quickly as possible. 

Being reluctant to express concerns about propane storage on your property

Safety is an essential focus when you're having propane stored on your property. You need to keep your propane tanks properly maintained. If you have a concern or question about propane storage on your property, be sure to express them to your propane supply company for peace of mind. 

Not asking questions to clarify any misunderstandings

It's important that you understand all the details on invoices you receive from your propane supply company. If there is a detail that you don't fully understand, make sure that you discuss questions and misunderstandings you have with your propane supply company. 

Reach out to a propane supply company for more information.