5 Tips For Collecting & Reselling Gold Jewelry

17 June 2016
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Do you want to start collecting gold jewelry as a hobby so you can earn some money for it if the need arises? If you don't have a large budget for your gold collecting hobby, you can still find some valuable pieces by being strategic about how it is purchased and resold. Below, you will find a few helpful tips that can be considered when you move forward with beginning your hobby of collecting gold jewelry.

Buy Gold Jewelry That is in Bad Shape

One of the best ways to shop for gold jewelry on a low budget is to invest in pieces that are in bad shape. You must keep in mind that your purpose of collecting the jewelry is for making a profit later on, and damaged jewelry can be purchase at a discount in most cases. The only thing you should pay attention to is the purity of the gold. For instance, some gold jewelry is only coated with a thin layer of gold that isn't that valuable.

Sell Your Gold at the Right Time

It is important to make sure your gold jewelry is sold at the right time if you want to reap the highest profits from it. You might want to get into the habit of keeping up with the market prices of gold. The best thing about gold is that it can go up in value when there is a high demand for it, which can earn you a satisfactory return on what you actually paid for it.

Get Antique Gold Jewelry Appraised

If you stumble across any gold jewelry that looks to be antique, such as from a garage sale, make sure that it is appraised by a professional. Antique gold can possibly reap a high return if it is rare enough. The designer of the jewelry will also play a role in the overall value.

Document All of Your Gold Jewelry

If you intend on sending your gold jewelry through the mail to buyers, it is wise for you to document each piece first. Take photographs of the jewelry as evidence that you actually own it. The documentation will come in handy if your gold happens to get lost in the mail, as you might be able to get compensated for it by the buyer you sent it to.

Get More Than One Quote

Don't settle for the first buyer that offers to purchase your gold jewelry. Get a few quotes to find out who is willing to give you the most money. Start collecting and reselling gold jewelry for a profit as soon as you are ready. Speak to a business like Pomona Pawn Shop for more information.