Bring New Customers In To Your Café With The Perfect Custom Sign

28 May 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog


As the owner of a café, you're likely always looking for new ways to draw new customers. One of the most cost-effective ways of attracting attention to your business is with proper signage. While a quick store-bought sign can be effective, you'll be much better off with custom-made signs that allow you to highlight what your café has to offer. Once you've had a sign created that shows your business name and hours, you can begin to get creative about what exactly is displayed on the sign each day.

Know Your Target Audience

The easiest way to get started with putting together the best sign for your café is knowing what kind of customers you want to attract. Many business owners make the mistake of designing their signs in a very broad way, attracting a more general audience, but not necessarily their target audience.

For example, if your café has great internet access and large workspaces for people to come and bring their laptops, you should make sure that this is reflected in your sign. If your café is decorated tastefully for romantic evenings and has a more laid-back feel, you should make sure that your sign conveys this so that patrons aren't taken by surprise by the ambience.

Clearly Display Prices for Specials

Another thing you want to display on your custom sign in order to bring in tons of customers from the street is any specials your café offers during the week. This can include everything from a special meal that is only served due to the season or a daily discount. Even happy hour specials can be included on the side, increasing the foot traffic your café gets.

Include References to Pop Culture and Current Events

Another idea for making a café stand out to potential customers walking nearby is references to pop culture and current events. Popular television shows can be a great opportunity for drawing and including quotes that allude to your business. Current events can mean anything from a sporting event, such as the World Series or the Olympics, to something political like the presidential election. When choosing references, the pop-culture or current event to mention, make sure they have to do with your café in the form of puns or lines including your café's name and avoid choosing sides that could be controversial since it can turn away potential business.

When getting a custom sign designed for the front of your café, it's a good idea to request that a space be left open so that you can use chalkboard or dry erase markers to draw or write on it. With the right information clearly displayed on your sign, you can take advantage of the location of your café and draw in more business with little effort on your part. Contact a business, such as ABC Stamp Signs & Awards, for more information.