Why Solar Power Generators Are Usually Better

19 April 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog


As solar power becomes a more viable source of energy, solar powered generators have become more effective. Many who have used gas generators for years believe that they are the ideal option, but there are several reasons why solar should now be considered over gas power generation.

Solar Is Less Expensive Overall

The initial cost of a solar-powered generator is higher than a gas-powered generator. However, gas generators can be more expensive over time due to the cost of operation. Solar energy is virtually free because it relies on sunlight, while gas is expensive and can fluctuate in price. The upfront cost of solar also is on the decline.

Solar Generates Less Noise

Another problem with gas powered generators is that they generate a lot of noise, while solar-powered generators do not generate any noise. Gas generators often need to be placed in a location where the sound will not be highly distracting.

You Likely Have Enough Sunlight

Some who are considering purchasing solar power are concerned about what will happen when there is not enough sunlight. The solar panels continue to generate and store energy and will tap into this energy reserve when they are needed. Solar power generators can still be used on cloudy days because some sunlight penetrates the clouds. The amount of power you will generate from your solar panels is based on how much sunlight your region receives.

Solar Generators Are Better For Society

The downside of solar panels is that they are more expensive than gas-powered generators to purchase individually, though you will likely make up for this higher initial cost with the lower cost of overall operation. Also, the gas powered generator is not as expensive if you must use it only sparingly, the operating costs will be less of a concern.

Solar power is better for society overall. Solar helps reduce the impact that the use of fossil fuels on greenhouse gas emission, which contributes to global warming. Solar panels do not produce any air pollution, unlike methods of energy power generation that rely on fossil fuels. Also, the use of solar panels reduce the degree to which society must drill for oil, which is also harmful to the environment.

Generators Are Necessary 

If there is a power outage, you will be able to keep your backup generator running, keep your food in your refrigerator cold and run a few other appliances. This can not only be very convenient, but can save you money in the long term.