Have A New Kayak? Tips For Properly Storing It During the Off-Season

30 March 2016
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Safe storage of your kayak and gear is a must between trips or during the off-season. Many self-storage facilities, like A Space Bank Mini Storage, provide a safe place to keep it where you don't have to worry about it crowding your garage or being damaged. The following tips will further help ensure it is stored safely.

Tip #1: Consider the Climate

Climate control may or may not be an issue, depending on your local climate and the materials used in your kayak. If you live somewhere where heat and humidity is a concern, wooden kayaks may become warped or fiberglass models may begin to delaminate. Plastic is generally fine except for in extremely hot climates where warping can occur. If you are concerned about the degeneration of your kayak's materials, opt for a climate-controlled storage unit.

Tip #2: Get a Rack

One of the main ways a kayak becomes damaged during storage is by warping, which can occur when the weight is not evenly distributed along the length of the craft. Fiberglass, plastic, and wood kayaks can all suffer from this problem. You can use a wall-mounted storage rack if the facility allows you to install a few bolts into the wall studs, or you can opt for a floor-mounted rack if bolt installation isn't allowed.

Tip #3: Get a Cover

Although not strictly necessary inside a storage unit, a kayak cover can help keep dust and debris out of of your kayak. It can also keep pests, such as rodents, from nesting inside the kayak. The cover also protects any rubber or fabric items inside the kayak, such as straps, tie-downs, or seat covers from pests or damage. Choose a breathable fabric cover so moisture doesn't build up beneath.

Tip #4: Don't Forget the Gear

Your gear, such as flotation vests and wet suits, also need to be stored properly. Make sure they are cleaned and thoroughly dried after each use per manufacturer's instructions. Then, store them loosely inside a plastic tub. If you are worried about moisture buildup inside the tub, toss in a few silica gel packets, such as those found in new shoes or purses. These will absorb any moisture so mildew or mold doesn't grow on the gear. As for paddles, these can be stored flat on top of the kayak and inside of the kayak cover. Some kayak storage racks also have built-in paddle racks.

For more information on storing your gear, contact a storage facility in your area.