3 Tips For Selecting The Color Of A Gym Floor Tarp

4 February 2016
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A gym floor tarp can be a costly but worthwhile investment for a high school. It can transform your gym into a classy multipurpose room while protecting your hardwood floor from scrapes and divots caused by dress shoes, tables, and chairs. However, to get the most out of your gym floor tarp, you need to select a color that can be used for a variety of purposes. Follow these tips to help you decide which color will be best for your school.

Consider Various Tints Based On Your School Color

Most school colors tend to be heavily saturated colors. While getting a tarp in one of your school colors can show your school spirit, these saturated colors can sometimes make people appear washed out. If you plan to use the tarp for daytime ceremonies with natural light from the windows, you may want to opt for a slightly less vibrant version of one of your school colors. Similarly, if you intend to use the tarp for dances and low-light gatherings, you may want to go a few shades darker than your school color to make the floor stand out less in the dark. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that if your students wear gowns that are the same color as the tarp, the tarp will no longer make a good option for graduation ceremonies. 

If You Order a Dual-sided Tarp, Order One Dark and One Light Color 

Dual-sided tarps give you the most use value because you can order both a dark and a light color. This allows you to use a dark color for nighttime events such as dances and formal speeches, but use the light side for daytime events such as award ceremonies and pep rallies. 

You can also order a school color on one side and a neutral color on the other side to make the tarp appropriate for both school events and private events when the gym is rented out by groups not associated with your school. 

Light Neutrals May Have More Uses 

Light neutral colors are more likely to have more uses than school colors or dark colors. People will show up against them, and yet they hide scuffs and stains better than a pure white or off-weight tarp. A beige or light brown that matches the color of your gym floor is often a good choice for a variety of uses. 

When selecting a gym tarp, it is important to consider all of its possible uses and select a color that will look good over time.