Skip A Gym Membership And Turn Your Storage Unit Into A Personal Gym

10 December 2015
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While a self-storage unit can be especially handy for getting organized and freeing up crowded closets or spare rooms at home, they can also be used for a number of other purposes. If you are someone who enjoys working out, but is not a fan of going to a crowded gym, consider converting your storage unit into a personal gym. In fact, depending on where you live, there may not be many options for gyms—due to the rural location or a strict budget you are sticking to.

Many storage facilities allow their tenants to use their storage unit as they wish, allowing you to create your own gym away from home. To make the most of the square footage, consider the following ideas for converting a storage unit into your own personal gym.

Get a Climate-Controlled Unit

Not every storage facility offers climate control inside their units, making it important to ask about this essential feature. The last thing you want while working out is to get overheated, making the ability to adjust the temperature to something comfortable a great option. To ensure that the climate control suits your needs, be sure to ask about whether this feature is included with your lease or if there are additional fees to consider.

Invest in a Large Rubber Mat

Most storage units have concrete floors- something that is not good for your joints while exercising. To ensure that you are not putting any unnecessary stress on your body, consider adding some padding on the floors. A large rubber mat can provide plenty of cushion that will help make it more comfortable while working out and help to avoid injuries.

The rubber mat can also help protect the storage unit flooring if you plan on using heavy weights and exercise equipment.

Prioritize Free Weights to Save Space

While you may be interested in larger pieces of gym equipment, such as a stationary bike or bench press, you need to consider the square footage of the storage unit. Most storage units are not that large, which makes free weights a better use of space that still provides plenty of benefits for working out.

Make Room for Jump Roping

For those seriously interested in saving space in a storage unit, consider adding jump roping to your exercise regimen. Jump roping is excellent for the heart, can strengthen the upper and lower body, and is a great way to exercise in small spaces. A 4 x 6 by area and some clearance above your head is all you need for working out with jump rope- something easily accomplished in a storage unit.

With the ability to design the storage unit into a gym and with all the equipment or the layout you want, you can get the benefits of your own personal gym without the high cost. By considering some of the above tips, you can get the exercise you want without taking up space at home or needing a membership to a local gym.

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