Moving Tips When Relocating To A Remote Location

3 November 2015
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If you are changing up your life and are moving to a remote location, there will be some adjustments for you and your family. The first place that you need to start is with a moving game plan. Moving to the woods or the country will be different than a move across town. Here are four tips to help with moving to a remote location.

1. Communication with Professional Movers

If your new home is hard to get to or might be hard to find, make sure that your professional movers, such as those from Freedom Movers, LLC, understand what this entails and have clear directions, especially if your new home might be in a location with spotty cell reception. You don't want your movers to get lost on the day of your big move.

2. Budgeting for New Items

If your new lifestyle will call for some additional amenities, such as boots or a new jacket, it might be a good idea to purchase these ahead of time. This will just be one less thing to have to remember when you are settling in. You can have your new purchases packed up with your other things for your move, so these don't get lost in the shuffle.

3. Bringing the Basics Along

Depending on how far your new home is from town and the nearest market, it might be a good idea to show up with the basics so that your aren't left in the lurch your first night. A few bags of groceries, toilet paper, and dish soap can get you started your first night or two. If you have items that need to be refrigerated, pack these in a mini cooler and have these items ride with you so that they don't get set aside by accident.

4. Get Going on Utilities Early

Depending on how remote your new home is, there might be more to installing internet access, phone access, and power than you realize. It might take a week or two to schedule the power company, and you might run into some bumps when it comes to internet and phone options. These aren't things you should start to take on when you move in. Get started on setting up utilities a few weeks before moving.

If you are moving somewhere that is off the beaten path, make sure that you are ready for this, beginning with your move. Be sure that you are both ready for your new home and for your movers.  If you can get started on the right foot with your move, you'll be more likely to ease into your new rustic life without any major snags.