3 Ways To Personalize Your Deceased Loved One's Urn

7 August 2015
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Saying goodbye to a loved one is hard to do. The best thing you can do is honor their final wishes and their memory. Cremation is common across many cultures, but it may feel hard for the loved ones left behind to connect with a lost loved one who is created. You can honor your deceased loved one's personal choices and still find a sense of connection to them after cremation. You can take steps to honor their memory by making particular choices about their urn. Here are three ways to personalize your deceased loved one's urn.

Create a wooden urn and use a tree that is symbolic of your loved one.

Trees have always had symbolic meaning across cultures. You can honor your deceased loved one by creating a wooden urn that uses wood from a tree whose symbolism matches the memory of your loved one. For example, you can fashion an urn out of oak wood; oak trees have long been associated with strength and steadfastness. Fragrant pine trees are associated with holidays and family gatherings. Wisteria trees and their blossoms are associated with adventure, adaptability, and playfulness. Creating an urn that ties into your passed loved one's favorite qualities helps you to make a connection to their final resting place.

Decorate their urn with carvings of symbolic plants and flowers.

Plants and flowers also hold symbolic meaning. Throughout their lifetimes, many people develop a fondness for plants and flowers. You can honor your deceased loved one by decorating their urn with images of their favorite plants or by choosing flowers that have special meanings. Lilies suggest purity. Acorns are a symbol of immortality, and can be symbolic of how your loved one's memory lives on. Magnolias suggest inherent nobility. There are an array of messages you can convey with flowers and plants, and their message can be tailored to the memory of your loved one.

Inscribe their urn with their favorite quotes or lyrics.

Quotations and lyrics are incredibly meaningful, as they can become connected to important memories. Perhaps you remember your loved one had a favorite saying or a motto they lived their life by. Perhaps they had a favorite song that they played throughout their life. Inscribe a quotation or lyrics with special meaning on your loved one's urn to remember and honor the way they lived their life and the things that were important to them.  

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