Homemade Jewelry From Items Found At Your Local Hardware Store

23 June 2015
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Most people know that a trip to the local hardware store is often required to complete home repairs. While the items sold in your hardware store were originally designed for mechanical or industrial use, a bit of creativity can give these items a new lease on life.

Items found at your local hardware store can easily be repurposed into supplies for homemade jewelry items. Washers, which are used between a screw and a piece of wood to prevent splintering, are especially versatile. Here are two projects you can complete with some washers from your local hardware store in the future.

1. Decorative Necklaces

Painting decorative designs on a washer can easily turn these pieces of hardware into whimsical pendants. If you artistic skills are lacking, you can still create some elegant designs using rub-ons. All you need for this creative project are some washers, rub-ons from the scrapbook section of your local craft store, some ribbon or cording in the color of your choice, spray paint, and some clear acrylic.

Start by spray painting the washers and allowing them to dry. Next, apply the rub-ons according to the manufacturers directions. Spray the decorated washer with clear acrylic to prevent fading, and attach a piece of ribbon or cording to your newly created pendant.

2. Stamped Bracelets

Since washers are made from metal, stamping kits can be used to create decorative designs on their surface. With the help of a quality stamping kit, you can create washer links with quotes, inspirational words, or icons that can be used to create a unique bracelet.

Start by purchasing a washer that is large enough to accommodate the message you want to stamp onto it. Next, pound the stamper onto the surface of your washer with a hammer. Be sure to rock the stamper back and forth a little as you swing the hammer to ensure that your letters come out crisp and clear.

Once you are satisfied with the look of your stamped message, measure out two pieces of twine or leather. Tie each piece to the washer, and fasten securely around your wrist to create a bracelet that is as individualized as you are.

Your local hardware store can serve as a valuable resource when it comes to creating unique jewelry at home. If you are looking for inspirational ways to incorporate industrial items into your craft projects, consider making a washer pendant or bracelet that you can wear in the future. 

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