Creative Large Format Printing Styles For Small Businesses That Want To Go Big At Trade Shows

10 June 2015
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If you own a small business with a specialty, whether it happens to be jewelry, medical supplies, or electronic gadgets, hitting the national trade show circuit can take your budding brand to new heights. But with so many competitors setting up shop next to your own booth, you'll want to make sure that your graphic displays won't blend in with the rest. The on-trend visual styles below are guaranteed to make your booth stand out from the crowd. All you need to make them work for your business is a little creativity and the help of a large format printing shop like Apogee Signs.


Young, edgy, and bold, graffiti can instantly up any brand's cool factor. To take it from street to high style, replace the squiggly signatures and ink blots that define street tags with clean lines and sophisticated graphics.

Color Blocking

Contemporary and colorful, color-blocked posters make the perfect platforms for displaying one-word slogans that go along with longer taglines.

Chalk Print on Paper

From old-world barbershops to bespoke clothes, everything vintage is having a moment. Get in on the artisan trend with booth displays inspired by outdoor chalkboards of years past, complete with hand-lettered fonts and pictures. While you can always go with the real thing, printing your display on a poster instead guarantees that it won't get smudged by passing crowds when the trade show is in full swing.


In a sea of color, simple can sometimes be more effective. An oversize, minimalist logo set against a contrasting background has an ultra-modern feel, the perfect fit for businesses in sleek, forward-looking industries like tech or auto.


A favorite of the digital age, vector graphics are a grown-up take on cartoons. Sketched on the computer screen from start to finish, vector images are endlessly customizable, so you can easily take them from the trade show floor to your shop display window with a few quick tweaks to the text box.

Whichever style you choose, always keep your audience in mind. Graphics should never overwhelm, and fonts should always be easy to read from a distance, especially when size is an issue. If you're worried whether your design will translate right from paper to poster, ask the professionals at your printing shop for their input. After handling a variety of projects just like yours on a daily basis, they know just what it takes to create a killer layout for any occasion.