5 Reasons To Be Diligent About Changing Your HVAC Filters

3 June 2015
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As you probably already know, you are supposed to change your HVAC filters regularly throughout the year, depending on the manufacturer's instructions for your particular type of filter. Although you might realize that it's important to do so, this can be one of those household maintenance chores that can be really easy to ignore. Unfortunately, failing to change your unit filters can be a bigger deal than you probably think. These are a few reasons why it's important to not let this maintenance task slide.

1. Maintain Your Warranty

If your heating and air conditioning unit is still under warranty, it's important to maintain this warranty so that you aren't on the hook for any necessary repairs. If you don't swap out your filter when you are supposed to, the manufacturer could say that your warranty is no longer valid.

2. Get Rid of Allergens

There are a lot of allergens in your average home, and this can get even worse if you smoke in the house or if you have pets. By swapping out your HVAC filter on a regular basis, you can help filter out any potential allergens and can help you and your family breathe more easily.

3. Cut Down on Dust

If you knew that there was an easy way to cut down on the amount of cleaning that you have to do around the house, you would consider doing it, right? Well, changing your HVAC filters regularly can help. If you change your filters on a regular basis, you can help cut down on the dirt and debris that cycle throughout your home, which can make for less dusting and a cleaner house overall.

4. Reduce Heating and Cooling Costs

Heating your home during the winter and keeping it cool during the summer isn't an easy job, and it can get expensive. If you change your air filters regularly, however, you can help your furnace and air conditioner work more efficiently, which can help you save quite a bit of money.

5. Keep Your Unit in Better Condition

Dust, dirt and debris aren't good for your HVAC unit. If you change your filter regularly, you can help prevent your unit from getting dirty, which can help keep it in much better condition.

As you can see, changing your HVAC filter isn't something pointless that your HVAC technician is complaining about for no reason. These are just five of many reasons why it's critical to keep your filter changed as recommended by the manufacturer. Contact a local repair service, likeAir Conditioning & Heating Inc, with your HVAC questions.