Moving Out Quickly

5 April 2015
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Ideally, you should take your time when moving out by beginning the process as early as possible. However, an unforeseen event, such as a new job opportunity or a looming eviction, may require that you move out more quickly than you would like. A moving truck will definitely make this easier.

Eliminate as Many Possessions as Possible

Anything you can get rid of can help you move more quickly, but only if this process does not take too long. You could consider having a garage sale and sell as much as you can. Another option is to simply donate as much as possible to a local charity. There are many charities that will pick up your belongings if you place them in a clearly marked pile outside and call them. Also, create a pile of belongings you no longer use and that you believe no one else could use. Take these out to the curb or rent a dumpster if you have a large number of these items.

Make Sure Your Utilities are Connected and Gather Your Equipment

Contact the utility company of the new home you will be moving to and make sure that the utilities will be ready when you arrive. Then, go and gather all of the supplies that you will need to move out. This includes supplies used to store your belongings and protect them from rough handling. Strongly consider getting a dolly because this can help you move heavy objects much more quickly. You can move several boxes at once.

Get Organized

Make sure you mark all of your boxes with large letters so you know exactly what should go inside them. Then, as you are packing your possessions, you will be able to place them in the right box quickly. Also, create a room that is designated only for moving. All of your possessions that are properly packed can be placed in this room.

Perform Tasks In Batches

Try to perform similar tasks in batches. For example, place your possessions in the correct boxes in one batch. Then, tape each of your boxes. Then, move your boxes to the moving truck all at once.

Ask for Help

Try to get as much help as possible. Call in favors from friends and family members. Make sure that you invite those you know will help and who won't simply get in the way. If you have the money, consider hiring a pick-up service that can haul away your junk. Once you have everything loaded into your cheap moving truck, you can breathe a sigh of relief and get ready to hit the road.

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