Don't Choose The Wrong Gift: Offer These Corporate Gifts Instead

25 March 2015
 Categories: Business, Blog


Corporate gifts are a powerful way to increase brand recognition for your company. Not only will customers embrace the free gift, but others may see your logo as your product is put to use. Also, merely by having a product with your brand name on it, your business will seem more legitimate. However, you will only obtain these benefits of the recipient actually uses the gift, so you should carefully choose what gifts you will give.

Poor Choice: Pens

Pens are affordable and they can be distributed quite widely. However, pens are also a dime a dozen. There are so many corporate pens floating around that would be customers may not notice the name or logo. Also, given the smaller size of the pen, the logo is less visible.

Better Choice: a Bag

Custom made bags are much more likely to be kept and used by the recipient. Bags are highly versatile. Also, given their size, your name and logo will stand out much more. Even better is that you can fit the other gifts you provided inside the bag.

Poor Choice: Flash Drives

Flash drives were once an excellent corporate gift. They provided the recipient with a fast way to travel files from one destination to another. But this was before the days of the cloud and other automated backup services. While flash drives still have their place, they don't have the appeal they once had.

Better Choice: Something Personalized to the Client

What would be useful to your client that would not necessarily be useful to others? Does your client spend a lot of time on the road? He or she can stay hydrated with a water bottle that has your logo on it. Combine the gift with a bag by placing the water bottle inside it.

Poor Choice: a Shirt

Clothing has been a popular corporate gift for ages and continues to get the message out. What better than to have essentially a walking billboard. The problem is that while you might be interested in wearing a shirt with your company's name on it, others may not be as enthusiastic.

Better Choice: A Mug

Mugs never cease to be useful in the business world and are even more important in an eco-conscious world where disposables contribute to the ever-growing landfills. However, if you place the mug inside the bag, make sure you include something else to provide padding, such as a free towel, to protect it.