Winter Gear: 3 Car Kit And Driving Essentials

6 March 2015
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Winter motoring can be hectic and dangerous, especially when you have to drive through dizzying snowstorms where you run the risk of getting stuck in snow. Preparing for winter requires that you have the necessary gear to make it easy to just get up and go in the morning or increase road safety in bad weather.

If your car breaks down in snow, you will need to call in a roadside service to tow you to a garage. However, there are several items you should have in your car to help you get out of a jam on the road or avoid crashing in icy roads. Here is a look at 3 car essentials to have in winter.

Windscreen frost protector

Ice and snow on your windshield not only reduces visibility to dangerous levels, but also it can give you hell in the morning as you start your journey to work. No one likes spending precious time and effort scraping ice off their windscreen, which is why it helps to have a good windscreen frost protector to keep your windscreen clear of frost and ice.

This simple, yet highly effective, tool can help increase visibility on snowy days and save you the frustration of wiping snow or ice off your windscreen while on transit.

Tow straps

Having tow straps installed in your car this winter would make it easier for a tow truck service to get you out of snow or a shallow ditch much faster, while also saving you a bundle in towing service charges.

Tow straps come in especially handy if you live in remote areas or are traveling out of town. To ensure that your car is towed safely, invest in reliable, strength-rated tow straps.

Car dehumidifier bags

These are air moisture absorbers that can help prevent fogging inside your car. These bags contain silica gel crystals that absorb moisture out of the air in your car, thus stopping it from fogging up your windows.

Good visibility is very essential, especially during winter, so it is important to invest in dehumidifier bags so as to increase your road safety. The good thing about car dehumidifiers is that you can dry them out on a household radiator and reuse them for up to three years without having to replace them.

The above tools can help you avoid getting in trouble on the road during winter and ensure that you don't have to struggle with fog or icy windshields before setting off. However, should you get into serious car trouble, do not hesitate to call in a reliable towing company to come to your aid.