Tips For Incoporating Award Trophies Into Your Business

28 January 2015
 Categories: Business, Blog


If you own a business, you are likely aware of the challenges of keeping employees productive without causing morale to plummet. Outside of giving everyone raises, some business leaders assume that there is no other way to help balance these needs. Fortunately, this is not the case, and you can use small award trophies as a way to regularly distinguish and honor employees that are leaders within the business. However, if you have never considered this option, there are a couple of tips you should follow to help ensure you get the most from this effort. 

Include A Runner Up Prize

Many business leaders will simply award the highest producing employee on a monthly or quarterly basis. While this can certainly give workers something to strive to win, it may end up backfiring for some businesses. This is particularly true if the same worker is the top producer or seller every month. 

To help mitigate these problems, you should include a runner-up award or most improved. By spreading the recognition around to numerous employees, you can make this a more inclusive event for the company. Also, you may find that you achieve higher productivity because more workers will be competing for recognition. 

Display The Winner And Runner Up In A Prominent Place

Some businesses have these awards, but they may not display the awards in a way that is easily visible. Unfortunately, this can weaken the effect of the awards. Part of the motivation for striving for these awards is the recognition before the other workers. 

You should make it a point to display this award in an area where it will be visible to all other workers. Typically, a break room or lounge is the ideal location. Additionally, when you are announcing the winner, you should make it an employee meeting to further increase the prestige of winning. While these additional trophies and awards may cost more for your business, it can help ensure that you get the most when taking this approach. 

Managing your workers can be an almost overwhelming task. In addition to making sure there everyone is doing their jobs, you should also verify that productivity is at maximum levels. By investing in these awards to recognize your workers,  you can provide an easy way of acknowledging your top employees without eating into profit margins. Also, understanding the importance of rewarding more than one person and the need to prominently display the winners will help you get the most out of this workplace investment. Contact a company like Abilene Awards & Logos to get some award trophies made for your employees.