Consider These When Fashioning That Aerial Advertisement

5 December 2014
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Advertisement is a key ingredient in every successful company's recipe. The right modes of advertisement have to be used to reach the right audience at the right time. There are many forms of advertisement used by different companies in different niches. One of these advertisement methods is aerial advertising. Though not every business has the same everyday advertisement plan, aerial advertising is an effective, reliable and cost-saving advertising option.

For individuals considering aerial advertising, there are several factors you must consider for this advertising method to bear those results:

The message

Aerial advertising relies on the fact that many people welcome this distraction rather than finding it annoying. Everybody will look at that airplane bearing a banner whenever it passes over them on the beach, at a fair or even at a concert. The message on aerial advertising has to be short. Too long a message will lose the audience. The aerial advertising company will help you craft a message that fits on the banner but is also short and large enough.

This way, everyone surely sees the banner and gets the message as well.  Short messages are also easier to memorize. The audience will recall this message quite easily the next time they need your product or service.

The Colors

Aerial advertising better reaches audiences when the colors used are bright and bold. A banner with bright colors such as red, yellow and purple will attract more attention than one with grey and light green colors. Although the banner has to conform to your business colors, always try to find a way to incorporate attention catching colors in your banner.

The colors used for aerial advertising should, however, be few. Too many colors distract audiences and the message may end up getting lost in this distraction and thus translating to less impact.

The direction

As much as aerial advertising is bound to be seen by everyone, the direction of the advertisement always has a bearing on the number of audience. A banner flying behind a majority of the crowd will be seen by only a few individuals. Together with your advertising partner, you should consider the flow of traffic over the region you intend to fly the advertisement over.

On a beach, for instance, the banner should fly over the water body since most attention will be directed there as opposed to over the land. In a concert, the banner should be flown over the main stage since most people will be looking there as well. Such minor details have a huge impact on the overall effectiveness of aerial advertising.

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