How To Work Comfortably With A Standing Desk

23 November 2015
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Standing desks promote more physical activity than a traditional sitting desk. Standing all day on your feet, however, is not any healthier than sitting for a prolonged period. Manufacturers of office furniture have improved the original standing desk with models that offer a sit-stand option.

Sit-Stand Desk Style

A sit-stand desk adjusts height quickly. You don't need to move anything on the desk top. Simply slide it up or down by gripping the sides. The more expensive models allow you to adjust the height electronically. The sit-stand style is superior since it accommodates your need to sit occasionally without having to move to another work area.

Best Height

So what is the most comfortable height? It should be a little lower than your elbow to allow your arms to work at a 90 degree angle. This height helps to prevent arm or neck strain. If you are working with a computer monitor, place it at eye level to prevent hunching and its related aches.

Floor Mat

A well-cushioned floor mat is a necessity when standing for extended periods. It absorbs the shock of standing on a hard floor and increases your level of comfort. Comfort is essential or you won't be able to concentrate on your work.


You'll do best with flat shoes rather than heels. While shoes for men usually have a plush insole to cushion the feet, this is not always true for women. Many styles of shoes for women have nothing more than a covering over the hard surface. Buy good quality insoles if you must wear formal shoes to work. Nursing shoes are ideal if you work in a casual or home office.

Office Chair

The chair you select for the sitting part of your workday should promote good posture while supporting your weight. A chair with arms allows you to continue working at the preferred 90 degree angle. Equally important, make sure the chair is wide enough for comfort. Some office chairs are designed in Asia where the people have a smaller stature. Sit in several chairs before making a selection. After all, you'll be using the chair every day for several years so make sure it's a good fit.

Foot Stool

If you have a problem with swollen ankles or feet, slide a foot stool under the desk. Your heart can pump the excess fluid out of your legs more efficiently when they are raised off the floor. Alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day according to your comfort level, not a specific number of hours.